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Summit High School Tigers Girl's Rugby Team

Past Tigers Photo Gallery

Senor Frog powers over for the try. Photo: Mark Fox

Textbook form at the back of the lineout.

"The Natural"
Lea makes easy work of the opposing fullback.

cheeky fend

The Cheeky One, Anita Molin (01) fends of the Holy Angel #8

Lauren v Trident

Lauren Aichinger(00) in Whakatane (NZ) against Trident HS

A mature couple; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Jori (01) on the move with Flanker Jara Johnson (04) in support

A mother playing with children; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Barth at the 2001 NIT banquet, GOTCHA!

Naenae on one of many line breaks versus Thunder Ridge. Photo: Brad Odekirk

Missed Me.
KTaL puts the prop swerve on Nadia. Photo: Mark Fox

errfu lineout

Allison Aichinger (98) in an ERRFU lineout against Emerald City

Bama scores

Katie Beardsley (01) congratulates wing Kelly Moberly (02) after a 50 metre try down the sideline.


The 2001 Tigers after home match with Boulder


Never one to pass an opportunity to pick and charge, flanker Katie Beardsley.