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Summit High School Tigers Girl's Rugby Team

'Ye Ole Ball' & The Sword


When it came right down to it...It was all about the ball!
Now we fight for the right to hold the sword!

The sword is on the line now whenever Summit and Regis square off. Currently it posessed by the Tigers. 
Most recent challenge - Summit 49, Regis 0 @ Infinity Park in Glendale Oct 2008.
The Ball (see below) is also residing in Summit and has been battled for since 1997.

It is an old, flat, Gilbert.
It is history.
It is the passion.
It is the rivalry.

Aichinger, Newman, DeGarie, Rahbar, Gravina, Dillon, Hoopingarner, Stephens, Stadnyck, Stern, Murphey, Molina, Allan, Wood, Lawrence, McLain, Milholm, Beardsley, Nowaczyk, Murphey, Gentling, Boyd, Newlin, Edwards, daCosta Miranda, Poteraj, Church, Thurston, Pavao, Orlin, Vincent, Smith, Johnson, Lesnanski, Rossi, Marisohn, Armstrong, Ives....

The epic games, the pride, the comradarie. 16 times the ball has been put on the line...
Summit 8 - Littleton 8
Thirteen games with only a handful of tries seperating the two. Twice for the Colorado Cup. Always for bragging rights.

In 1997 the two began a great and treasured rivalry and played for the ball in any official XV's match. The winner keeps the old beat up ball inscribed with both teams and every match contested for it.

Ye Ole Ball is a legend among the players of Summit and Littleton a motivator and a symbol of all that is good in rugby and an indicator of the competitveness of these two sides.

Ye Ole Ball 2004